Anisia Bucur

Coach and trusted advisor to driven and gifted professionals who feel there's an inkling of rebellion in them. I help them create fulfilment and reduce stress in their work and careers, on their terms.


Coaching you

I coach on a range of work and career-related issues, always departing from your personal aims and challenges. I meet you where you are. People usually call me to help them with:

Career and job transitions

You are no longer inspired by your career or job and want to make a change, whether that's changing jobs, asking for a promotion, or launching into an entrepreneurial path.

I help you gain clarity about what you want, break out of procrastination, and do so without burning out in the process.

Managing work overwhelm and boundaries

You want to set better boundaries with others in high-pressure, high-stake environments, with huge workloads.

I support you in gaining a serene sense of self that helps you navigate work situations with more ease, getting you out of burnout.

Stepping into a new role or management position

You changed roles inside your organisation or have recently been appointed as a new manager. You need to shape this new role, or step into leadership responsibilities.

I help you navigate the uncertainty of a new role, and step into an authentic leader mindset with less stress.

Authentic personal branding

You are unsure about articulating what you bring to the table and who you are professionally. You want to communicate your value in a way that is not awkward or that sounds like bragging.

I first help you gain clarity about who you are, and then shape how you can communicate that to others.

Who I coach

"The place in which I'Il fit will not exist until I make it." - James Baldwin

You are a highly driven, gifted, and big picture thinker. Yet, you feel like a misfit in your own working environment. Sometimes, even in the world.

You don't like to feel trapped in narrow job descriptions or strict social roles.

You have a strong sense of fairness, and operate with integrity in your work.

Whilst you're great at adapting, deep down you want to do things your own way.

You often forget how capable and gifted you are. I'm here to remind you of that.

I support individuals who work across industries including finance, management consulting, law, and other professional services.

Who I am

I am a coach and trusted advisor to driven and gifted people who feel there's an inkling of rebellion in them. I help them create more fulfilment and reduce stress in their work and careers, on their terms.

What most people know about me

I left a career in finance to follow a mission of working on the future of work, and combatting toxic work cultures.

I obtained a fully funded PhD position, at the intersection of organisational and career psychology. I currently research, write, and teach on the topic.

During my time in finance, I was actively involved in social impact projects. I initiated and co-founded a network dedicated to sustainability, and was part of an accelerator for individuals inside companies who develop profitable innovations that have wider social benefit.

What most people don't know about me

I experienced the uncertainty and confusion that come with a big career shift. I've learned the hard way that the process can feel lonely and is often far from linear.

As a doer with a penchant for being of service to others, my biggest challenge has been to set firm boundaries and say no to others, especially in high pressure situations.

I experienced first-hand the highs and lows of intense working environments, where growth and excitement come with high stress and burnout.

What I've learned

Authentic confusion is better than fake certainty. If we sit with the discomfort of personal transformation, things are more likely to fall into place.

Balancing the act of being with that of doing is vital. We don't always need to do more to achieve more.

Breaking out of overwhelm and overload is hard. But saying no strategically can protect our energy and advance our careers.

I have experienced the power of deep transformational coaching to address these issues myself. This has inspired me to share this effective approach to shift my clients' mindsets and turn around their lives.

My principles

"The essential is constantly threatened by the insignificant." - Rene Char

My coaching is informed by three guiding principles:

Integrity of thought and action

In work and life, we are often encouraged to act from a sense of pleasing others, or doing what others feel is right for us. This makes people feel stressed and trapped in fear. I support individuals to align their actions with their values, with an appreciation of the environment and system in which they operate.

Transforming over adapting

I am not guided by workplace myths, social stereotypes, and false rules about success. People often have to navigate difficult situations and toxic work cultures believing there is something wrong with them. I work on the basis that it's ok to do things your own way, creating transformation in your life and career from this space.

Deep lasting change

I do not offer you ready-made solutions, tips and tricks, or quick fixes. I am not here to hold you accountable or give you additional information. You can find that elsewhere. I coach you for deep and lasting transformation that gives you the inner security and ability to create what you wish for in your work and career.

Working together

Deep coaching journeys

We work together in a supportive, yet challenging dynamic. We both commit between 3 and 12 months to create a vision and strategy to get you to where you want to be. You will soon discover it is often closer than you think. Depending on your aims, challenges, and the level of support you need, we work together on three different commitment horizons.


  • 3-months coaching
  • 7 x 1h coaching sessions every two weeks
  • 1 short call in between sessions to support you with live issues


  • 6-months coaching
  • 14 x 1 hour coaching sessions every two weeks
  • 1 short call in between sessions to support you with live issues

Complete Turn

  • 12-months coaching
  • 28 x 1 hour coaching sessions every two weeks
  • 1 short call in between sessions to support you with live issues

Authentic personal branding intensive

This is a special 2h intensive session to define yourself professionally. It's where coaching meets authentic personal branding. Changing sector? Looking for a new job? Stepping into leadership? Becoming an independent consultant? Have to present yourself in the workplace or at conferences? This is suitable for you if you want to present yourself compellingly.

  • I draw out your story and you get clear on who you are, firstly for yourself.
  • I help you craft a powerful way of communicating it into the world.
  • I help you tailor it for two different mediums or audiences (script provided).

How it works

All you need to bring is a commitment to honesty and openness to question your beliefs and thoughts. Prior experience with self-development including journaling, meditation, therapy, or self-inquiry is a bonus, but not required. I will help you ease into the process.

All coaching sessions take place virtually. I offer my services globally and have coached individuals in the UK, France, US, and Switzerland. I conduct coaching in English and French.


“Like any human being, I had moments when I doubted myself and my abilities. I called upon Anisia for coaching, and as we have gone deeper into some limiting beliefs that I was holding, the doubts disappeared. She is calm, patient, and has an incredible approach that taught me how to dig deeper into the thoughts that I have. This helped me see more clearly that the way in which I think and react to certain life situations is not always to my benefit. After coaching, I felt liberated, calm, and with more confidence in myself. I wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Anisia, as I know from my own experience that it brings results.” 

A., Corporate employee turned entrepreneur

“My coaching experience with Anisia was unexpected, challenging and rewarding. I really didn't imagine that we could get this fast to the key issues that were blocking me in my progression. I particularly appreciated her integrity in coaching me. She doesn't try to make you feel good by giving you the illusion that you've reached a good conclusion. There's a big focus throughout to help you arrive at the right conclusions for yourself. The coaching process dissects your reality in order to unblock you. As someone who operates in a high pressure environment, this was invaluable. After a first session, it already felt like a weight was taken off my shoulders. Something in my brain changed, and that's a very physical sensation difficult to put into words.” 

R., Private equity professional

"After my coaching experience with Anisia, I could not recommend her more. She is a professional who knows exactly how to connect to you and guide your train of thought in order for you to rightly assess your own capabilities and allow yourself to enable them. I was not sure what to expect from coaching or if anything in particular was expected of me, having not had any prior similar experience before. The process was as simple as summarised by Anisia: on my end, I only had to think about my aims and challenges. Their nature did not matter. They could range from generic fears to precise objectives related to my professional life. This turned out to be the starting point for a fruitful discovery process. She provided a calm and comfortable environment, allowing me to easily express my thoughts. She gently steered my attention to where deeper attention was needed, helping me to effectively unblock my perspective over myself, my needs and my goals. All in all, I am impressed by the beneficial outcome and grateful to Anisia for her energy, adaptability and for the quality of her expertise."

D., Cybersecurity specialist and researcher

You don't need a goal to get started 

Whether you're ready for coaching or not quite sure yet, you can book a free exploratory call with me to see how we could work together. No commitment required. If we both decide we are in, then we can start. Regardless of the outcome on both sides, I will point you towards the right resources and leave you feeling energised. Applicable to explore both the deep coaching journeys and the authentic personal branding intensive.


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